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professional speech-coaching and vocal presentation for businesses in Scotland

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Olwyn Jack, Speech Coach, Duntrune House, DundeeThis break is specially designed for businesses where it is important that the executives are skilled in giving presentations.  The voice, the tone, the body language are vital in getting the message across.  Olwyn Jack MA LTCL HonTCL started her career as a teacher of mathematics, but has spent  thirty years teaching effective communication, speech and drama.  For several years she has applied her skills to teaching adults the importance of voice in the business world.  As a result of her extensive experience and her contribution to the teaching of speech she was awarded honorary membership of Trinity College London in 1996.  She is a tutor with Voice Care Network UK and a member of the Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama.

Is giving presentations part of your job?  If your heart sinks at the prospect of it, you can learn to speak with confidence!  You may know your subject in depth and have the presentation exactly as you want it – but sometimes it is not what you say but the way that you say it, that engages your audience.  Few of us have the innate ability to carry our audience with us, but it’s a skill which can be acquired with coaching.

At The Real Retreat you can have speech coaching on a one-to-one basis or in a small group. Olwyn will help you reduce tension to release energy and increase respiration and breath to project your voice with greater variety of expression - and to face your audience with a smile.  Listeners relate to someone who makes them feel relaxed, so that they enjoy your contribution without worrying about any nervousness which is so easily transmitted.

Sessions at Words in Action are full of fun, devoid of embarrassment. You can reanimate your communication tool – your voice – and your reward will be a more confident you.

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Scottish speech-coaching and vocal presentation for businesses in Scotland

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