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 Well Being and Detox weekends.

Two night stays to help you Detox and improve your wellbeing by helping you to break free from old habits and begin fresh again! Arrive Friday leave on Sunday afternoons.

These weekends offer Relaxing and Detoxing treatments that will educate you on your colon and introduce you to small, simple changes to help to Empower you to take control of your own health.

Treatments and Nutritional education from Alison Bower. Nutritionist. BSc Degree in food, Nutrition and Health.

 Carolyn Bruce. HND in Beauty therapy and Skin Consultant and producer of Bows Organic skincare.

Simple Nutritional meals served at Duntrune House from hosts Olwyn and Barrie Jack.

Your two-night stay includes:

Board and Nutritional handmade foods.

Initial Health consultation.

2 x Colonic treatments.

90 minute Yoga session tailored to your needs.

Evening talk on colon health and Gut microbiota.

Reflexology Session.

Therapeutic Back Massage.

Bows Organic Facial with Head, neck and shoulder Massage.

Availability is limited and The 2018 Dates for these weekends are as follows:

January: 12th and 13th

February: 9th and 10th

March: 9th and 10th

April 13th and 14th

May: 11th and 12th

June 22nd and 23rd


August 10th and 11th

All inclusive of above only: Price £495 A £100 Deposit is required to book and the balance must be paid 14 days in advance of the weekend.


A chance to rest and cleanse your system using colonic irrigation, massage, yoga and juices. 

optimium nutrition through broths, juices, seeds and natural products to help you heal.

Retreat and return refreshed and renewed.






Simple juice detox and health and beauty breaks Scotland


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